What Is Yoga Fusion?
Take classic yoga poses, superior stretch techniques and some of the best mat work from Joseph Pilates with a twist of Cheryl’s unique core technique and you have a class unlike any you will have taken before.
You will leave the class feeling taller, stronger and with a much deeper level of understanding of the core – where it is, what it is and how to train it for the best results.
This class goes beyond Pilates, Yoga and Stretch Results – it brings together the best of three worlds!
What Is Stretch Results?

Stretch Results is a deep stretching, deep breathing technique designed to achieve optimum muscular balance, good posture and superior levels of physical performance, appearance, health and well-being. Clients can both see and feel the results. The changes in body shape and performance are visible and measurable within one hour. Strength is gained from increased flexibility and improved muscular control and energy levels are raised due to increased breathing capacity. It is a way of approaching the body, which is simple, focusing on the basic building blocks needed for good movement and posture.Stretch Results teaches how to elongate the short, tight muscles using specific breathing techniques and a unique program of deep stretching. Clients are taken through a structured series of exercises to lengthen, strengthen and rebalance specific muscles of the body. Stretch Results is complementary to other fitness and body techniques, and can be used alone or in conjunction with other methods that help the body to build flexibility and strength (for example, Yoga, Pilates, Alexander Technique and Osteopathy).You will gain:

– Improved posture
– Reduction in neck and shoulder pain and tension
– Increased energy levels
– Improved lung efficiency
– Reduction in injuries
– Increased range of movement
– Enhanced sport performance
– A lean and lifted bodyWho can benefit from Stretch Results?

– People of any fitness level
– People of any age
– Sports professionals and enthusiasts
– Dancers and performersThe results are dramatic and instantaneous with clients experiencing changes after the first hour. 

Group Class PricesĀ 
Individual Class – $15.00
Private SessionĀ 
One person – $100.00 plus travel costs
Two people – $65.00 each plus travel costs
Three people – $45.00 each plus travel costs
Private group sessions price on request
Skype session – $80.00 per session