“Not having to play golf with a back brace anymore was reward enough but when I started outdriving my friends by 20/30 yards fairway- now that was the icing on the cake!” Michael – Stretch Results Client

“Cheryl doesn’t just lead a stretch class, she teaches one to understand how muscles work and what happens to our body’s alignment and posture when we don’t stretch our muscles properly. I thought I knew how to stretch before – I can’t believe what a difference learning how to stretch properly makes in how my body feels. Excellent instructor and class!” Paula – Stretch Results Client

“At age 50, I was often very stiff upon rising in the morning and after sitting for long periods. The Stretch Results program has made that stiffness completely disappear. Also I have experienced a big improvement in stress incontinence it has improved to such an extent that I may avoid recommended surgical repair.”
Stretch Results Client

“I am a 44-year old fútbol (aka Soccer) player. I have been playing fútbol all my life. Unfortunate circumstances prevented me from playing professionally in Venezuela. My coaches in middle school and high school were retired professional players, who instilled in me the importance of physical fitness. My coach in high school used to say that fútbol was 90% physical fitness and 10% skills. We always trained similar to what my coaches went through: Running uphill, running on the beach, sprints, suicides, and many exhausting endurance drills. Up until today, I follow the same type of training, which allows me to outlast my teammates on the field. One day, I was playing the semifinal game in an Over-40 league when it happened: After having played the entire game full throttle without being substituted, I could not run in the last minutes because I felt a pain in the upper part of my right leg. I thought that I had pulled a muscle and that ice and rest would make me ready for the final the following week. I was wrong! After being benched in the final, I decided to see a doctor, who diagnosed me with snapping hip syndrome. He recommended that I do some stretching exercises. I did the stretching exercises sporadically, and I started playing after a month. On the first kick of the ball, I felt the same pain in the same place again. I knew that I had to do something to fix it. I thought that Yoga would fix the problem, but did not know whether Yoga would fix it and what type of Yoga to follow. One day I was browsing the Palm Beach Gardens Magazine, and I read an article that Cheryl had written about the benefits of stretching. I knew that the Stretching Class was my answer.

I met Cheryl on the first class, and she was very warm and welcoming. She asked what brought me to her class, and she intently listened to what my problem was. It was obvious from her classes that she truly enjoys teaching the importance of stretching. In every class, she takes the time to teach the proper technique and to show you with pictures the muscles you are stretching. She goes around the class making sure every single person is doing the stretch correctly. The people who attend her class range from teenagers to older adults with different kinds of back, neck, or sports-related injuries, which is a testament of the great benefits of stretching. If you email her with a question, she takes the time to respond to you. After taking her classes, I know that the stretches I used to do before her classes concentrated on one major muscle and were done improperly. I learned that the hamstring, for instance, is made up of three muscles and that each needs to be stretched to create a balance. Any emphasis on one of the muscles creates an imbalance and therefore is prone to injuries. I also learned that the way I used to stretch is incorrect: you do not bounce back and forth while you are stretching.

Now, I know the missing part of my training regimen: stretching. I wished I had started stretching when I was younger, but it is never too late to start. I plan to play fútbol for a long time, and my regimen of weight training, endurance training, and stretching will help me achieve that goal. I will always remember 2010: The year that Spain won the World Cup for the first time and the year I started my Stretching regimen for the first time.

I wholeheartedly recommend Cheryl’s Stretching class to every athlete, no matter what sport she or he practices”. Fan for life, Nelson

I have been attending classes for about two weeks, coming twice a week. I was giving a massage to a client recently and noticed that my body kept pulling my hips back to center. It felt odd to me because I think I was cocking my hips in a weird way before and now my posture was squaring itself. What a difference to have “squared” hips versus whatever I was doing before. Thanks Cheryl.”Susan, LMT Reiki Master

“After six months of one-to-one training once a week I can now play a round of golf without a back brace, something that hasn’t happened for over ten years. A year later I am still taking my weekly sessions and a three day golf tournament is a breeze , I wouldn’t give it up for the world! “ Stretch Results Client

“Stretch Resuls is my daily therapy both physically and mentally.” Stretch Results Client

 “After just one class I felt a difference! Whilst I was staying with a friend I took a Stretch Results class with her. I suffer with Lupus and experience a lot of stiffness so was a little apprehensive. I have tried conventional therapies but I had never felt as good as I did after taking this one class. I felt better than I had for a whole year. Also the day prior to my first class I played a round of golf and shot 100, after my first class I played again and on the same course shot 80!” Kevin – visitor to Florida and introduced by a friend

“At last a program that delivers results, my back has never felt better!” Jeff – Stretch Results Client

“Thanks to the Stretch Results program, I manage my back pain it doesn’t manage me” Jack – Surgeon and Stretch Results Client

Navel to spine, waistline in are the words now ingrained in my soul thanks to Cheryl, the most amazing core program I have ever worked with” Marilyn – Stretch Results Client

“Cheryl’s stretch and core program are unlike anything I have tried before, I can’t wait to return to Wellington, my riding has never been better I have finally learnt how to access muscles that I never knew existed”Jill – Stretch Results Client

“The internal lift has been a revelation to me, thank you Cheryl!”Tara – Stretch Results Client

“Back pain has been a constant “friend” for too many years now. After taking my 10th Stretch Results class I am now on the 4th day pain free and counting.”
Chris – Stretch Results Client
Missing my weekly one to one Stretch Results session is not an option now, this program has kept my back pain to a mild twinge as opposed to 4 days off work when it went” Richard – Surgeon
“Sciatic pain plagued my life, today I am pain free, and when I do get a twinge I can fix myself thanks to Cheryl’s expert one to one training”Dave – Stretch Results Client